Ok, come in…

So I’ve decided to try blogging again. Much to my own surprise I started by deleting all my previous posts.  They were generally concerned with the epic battle to keep my rusty vw camper from the scrap heap, photography and cameras.  Deleting the posts was quite a cathartic experience, given that these days we tend not to tidy up after our digital selves.  Like space junk, this string of debris can collide with us when we least expect it to.

I’ve left just one post, my first on wordpress, partly for nostalgic reasons, and partly to remind me to see other perspectives.  In the post I wrote:  “why should I write down things which I already know, for an audience I don’t? “

It was a light hearted comment but since then I’ve begun to really understand the value of writing things down.  It helps consolidate thoughts, and learn through feedback. I’ve also been incredibly gratefully for all the things I’ve learnt from blogs and talks, and glad that those authors did take time to share their thoughts.

I still don’t know what this blog is about, but it might just touch on building things, Agile and DevOps.


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