I’m often asked to write and talk about the things I do and experience.  This talk, “The Reluctant Change Agent’s Guide” is typical of my style.  I’ve also been lucky enough to talk at various agile conferences, and four different DevOps Days events.

My talks cover the broad range of skills and knowledge required to build high performing teams capable of delivering quality products.  Each talk is grounded in real experience as a developer, agile coach and engineering manager.  My talks aim to provide theory, advice and inspiration.  Subject areas include:

  • Introductions to DevOps and agile.
  • Organisational and personal change
  • Agile Transformation
  • Employee engagement & motivation
  • Building high performance teams, and performance management
  • Cognition and its impact on individual and team performance
  • Building organisational cultures to support learning and delivery
  • Agile and learning methods (including Scrum and Kanban)
  • Improving testing and quality

You’ll find some of my talks on Slide Share.

If you’d like me to talk at your meetup, event or conference do get in touch.

Some Previous Talks

Improving Quality By Changing Culture – A talk on how improving employee engagement affects quality, and how to improve engagement. (Test Con Lithuania 2016)

What I learnt about DevOps when my car caught fire – A short ignite talk, a true story, featuring five key DevOps lessons. (DevOps Days London 2016)

Succeeding with DevOps it’s not about DevOps – A talk drawing attention towards culture as one of the key enablers for DevOps.  (National DevOps Conference 2015)

DevOps – Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose – A talk considering the impacts of DevOps on an organisation’s delivery system, and the dangers of  hype surrounding DevOps. (DevOps Days Warsaw 2015)

Transformation? Into what?  The delicate art of balancing user needs in digital projects  – A talk recommending that user needs are put at the center of transformation initiatives. (Digital Transformation & Business Evolution Conference 2015)

Collaboration catalysts top tools to fuel your team – Covering the topics of Kanban and ChatOps why they are so effective and how to apply them. ( DevOps Summit 2015)

Hight Trust, Low Performance – A talk on performance management challenges and approaches in Agile environments. (Agile Cambridge 2014)

The Reluctant Change Agent’s Guide  – A talk on encouraging change from ground up. (DevOps Summit London 2014)

Agile’s got it covered – so why DevOps? – A talk on the relationship between Agile and DevOps (Agile Business Conference, London, 2013)

People As A Service – How Not To Build A Lasting DevOps Environment – A talk on culture and the people factors behind DevOps. (DevOps Summit London 2013)

Measuring DevOp’s Vital Signs – A talk on how to measure DevOps adoption. (DevOpsDays London 2013)

Dev+Ops+Org How we’re including almost everyone – A talk on Culture, Continuous Delivery and DevOps (DevOpsDays Goteburg 2011)